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No one taught us how to do healthy relationships.

Ever wonder about why attraction happens?

We are attracted to characteristics that we don’t possess! In other words, opposites do attract!

This is great and exciting initially but fast forward into conflict phase… The things that attracted us now drive us crazy. We start to wonder how our partner can be so very different. They don’t make any sense to us.

Conflicts begin to be about how my way is right and your way is wrong.

This is where we begin to react negatively to each other. Arguments escalate, and we start doing and saying hurtful things that cause long term wounding.

When you’re in this kind of conflict, the unhappiness permeates through every aspect of your life.

If you don’t get help, you eventually have to end the relationship for your own wellbeing.

Sometimes you have to work through this together, sometimes on your own. Always trust that you know yourself and your needs better than anyone else ever will.


My prayer is that you do everything you can to save your marriage. But, if you can’t make it fly, it’s critical to yours and your children’s long-term health to be amicable.

The way the traditional litigation system is set up, you become adversaries from the first step.

You each hire a lawyer to represent your interest which are opposite. The more you fight, the more money they make.

It breaks my heart to hear stories of people paying hundreds of thousands of dollars and still not be divorced. It doesn’t have to be like that anymore. It’s not easy but with help you can decide what is best for everyone when a marriage ends instead of letting strangers make decisions for you.

If you get help for the emotional trauma, help making decisions that will affect you long term, and help to be amicable, your children will benefit greatly.

It’s not divorce itself that damages children.

It’s the conflict that takes place in divorce and after divorce that damages children. I want to help you transition your family from married to a healthy co-parenting relationship.

If your soon to be ex won’t work with you, it can still help to learn techniques that will help make your situation more bearable.


If you’re in a relationship and have depression or anxiety, it’s highly likely that your relationship also suffers because of these issues. I always say that these issues are not contagious, but they do have a great impact on your partner.

If your partners is willing to come in, I can help the two of you figure out how they can help you and what they might be doing that makes it worse.

This way, your partner can learn how to help you heal and they will be in the loop about things you’re trying to change in your life to get better so they won’t unknowingly put up road blocks.


Many people come in on an individual basis.

Some because their relationship with someone (partner, parents, children, siblings, employer) is struggling and they need to process their distress and find what is in their control to feel better. Some because they are struggling with anxiety and depression and are willing to work on changing their thoughts to help manage these emotions.

You don’t have to suffer through these feelings. These are serious conditions so pulling yourself up by your bootstraps usually won’t do the trick.

Whatever your difficult situation is, chances are high that talking through it with a trained professional will give you a fresh perspective.


When you understand each other’s wiring and meet each other’s needs you can learn to laugh again.

Harville Hendrix once said “All couples interactions should end in a belly laugh or an orgasm, or both!”

Laughter is particularly healing.

That’s why some of my assignments are just about rediscovering laughter and joy. Scientifically, laughter increases the feel good chemicals in your brain!


Imagine how great it would be if your partner really understood you and really accepted you.

Imagine knowing each other so well that you know how to hit the target meet each other’s needs!


You don’t have to keep enduring the same struggles. The same fights, the same bad feelings.

I can teach you how to communicate and understand each other so real change can happen.

Hi, I’m Linda

I’ve spent my entire adult life helping people work through difficult situations, relationships, and emotions.

It’s truly a great joy to see people overcome depression and anxiety and heal their marriages.

I absolutely love what I do! That’s why I’ve gotten years of specialty training. Because, when you feel better, I feel better too!


It’s as easy as picking up the phone. I take all of my calls personally.

We’ll talk a little bit about your situation so we can make sure that I’m the best fit for you. We’ll discuss fees and set up an appointment.

It’s that simple!

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